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Heavyweight PET bottle

As a highly transparent and smooth material,PET can present the interior beauty of cosmetics to consumers. Whether it is a transparent bottle or a delicate design,heavyweight pet bottle can show the delicacy and nobility of the product,bringing consumers a sense of luxury.

Heavyweight PET bottle

Airless bottle

Compared with traditional packaging methods,airless bottles use advanced sealing technology to remove oxygen and other harmful substances during the product filling process. This design can effectively prevent the invasion of bacteria,mold and other microorganisms,and maintain the original purity of the product.

Airless bottle

Plastic spring pump

Plastic spring pump made of high-quality plastics not only ensure a long service life,but also reduce the burden on the natural environment and do their part for the green future of the earth.

Plastic spring pump

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What we doOur product categories

As a professional cosmetic packaging manufacturer,our company has always been committed to the production of environmental protection,sustainable products,our main products are all kinds of environmentally friendly materials of cosmetic packaging. Such as airless bottle,cream jar,ordinary pet bottle,heavyweight pet bottle,heavyweight pet jar,plastic spring lotion pump,plastic spring mist sprayer,plastic spring foam pump and so on.

"Our target

With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction,our company operates under the guiding principles of "quality first,customers first." We strive to deliver products promptly and offer reasonable prices while providing comprehensive services.


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Who we areWelcome to Shiny Packaging

Ningbo Shiny Packaging Co.,Ltd,established in 2015,is a professional cosmetics packaging enterprise dedicated to the design,development,and production of high-quality products. Our commitment lies in using environmentally friendly materials such as PP,PET,PE,and incorporating innovative materials like PCR.


Independent factory


Years of history

100 +

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Why choose us Our advantage

As a professional company engaged in Packaging industry,Ningbo Shiny Packaging Co.,Ltd has a number of unique advantages that make it stand out in the market competition. Here are six of the company's strengths:

Why choose us Our advantage

Our product features

Innovative design capability High quality manufacturing process Diversified product line Environmental awareness and sustainable development On-time delivery and quality service Global market layout
  • The development trend of cosmetic packaging materials
  • Cosmetic packaging design precautions
  • What does unique design packaging bring to the brand?
  • Forge ahead, Create Brilliance